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~Hopeless Romantic~

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24 March 1987
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Apparently I'm too tall and too late to be in Mini Moni. This displeases me greatly. Also, I'm not Japanese. Or half Japanese. Hello! Project rocks my world entirely.

I don't like how Livejournal gives you an example of what to put in your interests and then says "don't put this here. That goes in your bio below" Hell, I can put it wherever I want to...what are you going to do about it?

I don't like Harry Potter. I like the Potter Puppet Pals though, they're hilarious. I also don't like Rose Tyler...I think she's rather obnoxious and pretentious.I think the Doctor actually set up Rose to get rid of her in a parallel universe...and besides, Martha Jones is way cooler anyway.

I have an unhealthy obsession with fictional doctors. Dr. Simon Tam, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Dr. Indiana Jones, the 10th Doctor...you get the idea. Also in the highly coveted list of fictional crushes; Joel Robinson. Oh yeah. Satellite of Love, baby.